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SE.PU.AS.OS.D.70 Types
Süspansiyon Tipi:
Hava Süspansiyon
Bağlantı Tipi:
Kovan Kesiti:
Ø 127
Makas Genişliği:
MUSTAFA CEYLAN - Se.Pu.As.Os.D.70 Types - Upper plate
Upper plate
MUSTAFA CEYLAN - Se.Pu.As.Os.D.70 Types - Spring plate
Spring plate
MUSTAFA CEYLAN - Se.Pu.As.Os.D.70 Types - U bolt
U bolt
Technical Details
Plate kind
Plate code
Plate set complete (group type)
Sample suspension spring / trailing arm type
U bolt
Üst Kep SE.P.AS.OS.D.70.0 Z.09, Z.11, Z.15, Z.86 M24 x 2 - 131 x 290
Tepesi Dövme
Orta (makas) kep
Alt Kep -
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