Agricultural Axles - With Brake
MUSTAFA CEYLAN - Agricultural Axles - With Brake
Agricultural Axles - With Brake
Technical Details
MUSTAFA CEYLAN - Agricultural Axles - With Brake
Axle type
Carrying capacity (kg)
Track width (mm) TW
Axle cross section (mm)
Brake type
Ø H / K (mm)
Wheel stud
MCE-6B 5000 kg 1650 60x60 300x60 160x205 6xM18x1,5
MCE-7B 8000 kg 1800 70x70 300x60 160x205 6xM18x1,5
MCE-8B 8000 kg 1800 80x80 300x60 220x275 8xM20x1,5
MCE-9A 8500 kg 2100 80x80 300x90 220x275 8xM20x1,5
MCE-9B 8500 kg 1910 80x80 300x90 220x275 8xM20x1,5
MCE-10Bs 10500 kg 1910 100x100 400x80 275x335 10xM22x1,5
MCE-10B  10500 kg 2200 100x100 400x80 275x335 10xM22x1,5
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