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What is a Modular Platform?

Modular platforms (jack up platform or jackup barge) are a type of mobile platform consisting of several movable legs, capable of fixing its hull above the sea. The rising body allows the unit and all connected machines to be moved to the desired location. With the help of hydraulic power unit and pistons, the hull rises above sea level supported by the sea bed. Usually the jackup barge is not self-propelled and tugs are used for transport. Modular platforms are generally used for exploratory drilling operations and offshore excavation operations.

What We Do?

Mustafa Ceylan Industry designs and manufactures complete hydraulic systems for modular platftoms according to the type of marine works. In this context, the production of the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic power unit required for the system is done in-house. The systems we produce start from 100 tons and go up to 1500 tons.

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