Our Employees

As Mustafa Ceylan Industry we believe that organizations should have intellectual human source for adopting total quality as a philosophy and reflecting it over its products. Therefore our qualified work force is the most essential part of our organization and basis of our success.

Our employees in all positions are subjected to periodic in house training. Within this context we contribute our employees' professional development from R&D employees, assembly staff, from marketing team to driver colleagues by training them continuously. Therefore we have sustainable success for future by having human force who are qualified and have high motivation.

Our aim is not being only profit aiming company, also to be an organization which provides employees to work in proper environment and conditions, and increasing their life standards and quality. Therefore the most important element of our human resource policy is to maintain satisfaction of our employees and to be a company where they will be proud of to be with us. Our principle for achieving the target is to create a modern working environment which is reliable, peaceful, fair, economic, which provides social rights and provides opportunity for career development and learn.




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