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Relevant quality controls are performed in three different processes such as raw material entry, during production stage and after production stage in Mustafa Ceylan Industry. Compliance of purchased raw materials or auxiliary parts with our specifications whether the processed parts are within measurement tolerances and whether final products are produced according to customers specifications are controlled and they are retroactively recorded.

Technology And Innovativeness

As Mustafa Ceylan Industry we are aware the necessity of following technological developments and transferring them to our production process for improving our capability to perform both qualified and mass production. Within this context; our company utilizes from industrial robots in processes such as transportation, drilling, welding operation which are not ergonomic production and assembly operations and which should be done serially. Furthermore we have automation machines in many locations of our production which are exclusive for us. Since fixtures which are used in robot and automation applications ensure connection positions of parts; failed production and entrance of defective products in production is prevented and poke yoke (failure prevention) application is realized.

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